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    Cookie Policy

    This cookie policy It describes the types, reasons, & behavior of cookies. Including how to manage cookies of all websites of the company Onnuj Construction Co., Ltd. and its affiliates Cookies may be used differently from each website. You can find a list of cookies on the cookie settings page of each website you visit

    What are cookies?

    Cookies are small computer data (text files) that will be installed or save it on your computer or electronic device, When you visit the website Cookies remember your use of this website. We will also call other technologies that perform similar functions as cookies.

    How do we use cookies?

    Strictly Necessary Cookies

    This type of cookie is necessary for the operation of the website. So that the website can function normally Is safe & allows you to access the website such as logging into the website, verifying your identity. However, you cannot disable this type of cookies through the system of our website.

    Analytic Cookies

    This type of cookies will collect information about your use of this website. To enable us to measure, evaluate, improve & develop the content of our products / services & websites to enhance your website experience. However, if you do not consent to our use of these cookies. We will not be able to measure, evaluate & develop the website.

    Functional Cookies

    These cookies remember information about the computer or electronic device you use to visit the website registration information or log in, Information settings or options you have made on the website, such as language displayed on the website, shipping address. So that you can use the website more conveniently without giving information or setting up a new one every time you use the website. However, if you do not consent to our use of these cookies. You may not be able to use the website easily & efficiently.

    Targeting Cookies

    These cookies collect various information, which may include your personal information & create a profile about you. So that we can analyze & present the content Products / services and / or advertisements that suit your interests. However, if you do not consent to us use These types of cookies You may receive general information & advertisements that do not match your interests.

    Third-Party Cookies

    Our website uses cookies by third parties. This behavior & settings are subject to cookies in Section 2. You will not be able to choose to only use cookies by third parties. We have no control over the use of that third party information. You can review the list of third parties, privacy notice & cookie policy. This is different from our website at that third party website.

    Cookie Management

    You can choose to set individual cookies except Strictly Necessary Cookies. Can be done by “setting cookies” or settings in your web browser (web browser) for example you may not place cookies on your device. However, disabling cookies may prevent you from using the websites effectively.

    This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Cookie Policy
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