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    Banquets & Seminar

    We excel in accommodating the unique needs of each & every client.
    Could be arranged in 2 meeting rooms & 3 banquet that can cater for banquets, meetings & conferences of up to 240 persons. The cutting-edge meeting facility elaborates efficient functions enhanced with multimedia technology as well as courteous stewards & stewardesses promptly at your service. Whether you are planning a corporate function, corporate meetings, weddings, dinner dances, new product launches etc makes the planning easy.

    Cave Hall Room.

    The largest room, divisible into two sections (meeting & banquet), can accommodate up to 240 guests. At is ideal for corporate function, meetings, parties, banquets & receptions.

    Area (sq. m.) Dimensions (m.) Capacity & room set-up (persons)
    Width Length Height Classroom Theater U-Shape
    294 14 21 3.5 156 240 96

    Monte Room.

    The room can accommodate up to 48 guests. At is ideal for corporate function, corporate meetings

    Area (sq. m.) Dimensions (m.)
    Width Length Height
    89.6 6.4 14 3.5
    Capacity & room set-up (persons)
    Classroom Theater U-Shape
    36 48 27


    Cave Hall Room
    Monte Room
    Aramis Restaurante'

    The room is an area for banquets divided into 3 zone the meeting room. banquet hall & the roof supporting banquets.

    Banquet style & capacity
    200 persons
    135 persons
    Chinese style
    135 persons

    A small banquet room & area adjacent to the courtyard in front of the lobby area.

    Banquet style & capacity
    45 persons
    32 persons
    Chinese style
    32 persons

    It is the restaurant of the hotel suitable for general banquets. Consisting of a large dining hall and 2 small private rooms.

    Banquet style & capacity
    100 persons
    60 persons
    Chinese style
    60 persons

    Audio Visual equipment.

    Standard equipment

    (free of charge)

    Paper notes & pencils
    CD/DVD player
    Portable screens
    White board
    Standard audio set
    Flip chart
    Wireless microphone
    Podium with microphone

    Option equipment

    (some charge)

    Computer set
    Notebook computer
    Printer/Printing service
    Copy machine
    Facsimile machine
    Secretary service
    Photographer service
    Video camera
    LCD projector
    Digital virtualizer

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